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Tokyo street izakaya, with some cropped details. Full-size version of this. Based off of a handful of places in Shinjuku and Shimokitazawa, as well as one in Kyoto. The menu is basically everything I’d want to order, including some signature items from a few of my favorite eats back home. Produced for Kris Roche's album Be Love.

Some new followers recently so I’m reblogging this old pic from last year. Colors have been updated slightly since then, and I hear the LP sleeve version of this will be coming out soon. 


An arty silent short I made in my second year of college (2008?) for a class exercise, with Kaishi Akazawa. Shot in Kyoto (Kiyotaki & Nanzenji) on 7266 with a Bolex Rex-5 and an f/3.5 Angenieux zoom lens. It was an overcast afternoon in a narrow valley, so pretty much everything is underexposed. This was late October too, so that river Kaishi is gamely walking/standing/sitting in was pretty frigid. (お疲れさま)

From my photo blog. Recently found my HDCAM tape of short films and exercises I made in college, so I’m going to be posting a few of them here.