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An arty silent short I made in my second year of college (2008?) for a class exercise, with Kaishi Akazawa. Shot in Kyoto (Kiyotaki & Nanzenji) on 7266 with a Bolex Rex-5 and an f/3.5 Angenieux zoom lens. It was an overcast afternoon in a narrow valley, so pretty much everything is underexposed. This was late October too, so that river Kaishi is gamely walking/standing/sitting in was pretty frigid. (お疲れさま)

From my photo blog. Recently found my HDCAM tape of short films and exercises I made in college, so I’m going to be posting a few of them here.

Tiny cars.

Long flight doodles.

Doodle dump 2. Been on a few long train and bus rides this month. しかし相変わらずオッサンばっかり。シワを描くのが楽しいのよ。